Tara Stadnyk is a musician, writer, educator, and performing artist grown in the Saskatchewan prairies, now residing on Snuneymuxw territory. Tara drums and sings in Cædmon’s Dream, a medieval doom duo resurrecting tales of ancient myth and lore. She holds a Masters degree in English (2018) and Bachelor of Arts Honours in English (2017) from the University of Saskatchewan, where she specialized in Medieval & Renaissance literature, feminism, and sexuality. Tara published her first poetry collection, The Cædmon Poems, in 2022. 


Tara has worked professionally as a musician and performing artist since 2007. Notable music performances include Cædmon’s Dream England/France Tour (2022), Canada Tourism events (Canada Nature Escapes & Waskesiu Wilderness Region), Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, schools and universities (Dalhousie University, University of Saskatchewan), and yoga/wellness events and music festivals across Canada.

Tara approaches singing as a visceral and immersive healing practice. She explores voice in its many capacities with her wide range, use of ancient languages, ‘metal growls’, sounds mimicking nature, improvisation, and influence from diverse musical genres. Tara is a devoted yogi, and finds many interwoven threads in her work with breath, sound, and yoga/meditation. She is a student of Roy Hart vocal technique and trained privately under the guidance of Lia Pas. 

In 2013/14 Tara was a vocal soloist in the University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble and trained in the Jazz Studies program. She studied Southern blues/gospel singing with One Human Family Gospel Choir directors Eric Dozier and Kim Pacheco (2011/12). From 2009-2012 Tara served as bandleader and composer for the five-piece collective, Jiva Tree. They released two albums together, “Self-Titled” (2010) and “Kite” (2012), and were funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

Tara acted in lead roles in the Saskatoon and Regina Fringe Festivals for New York music revue Joe’s Cafe by Rupert Wates (2011, 2012) and political satire The Generals Take our Defence Minister Shopping by Michael Murphy (2015). She studied Drama at the University of Saskatchewan, and in 2013 she completed a two-week intensive Theatre Studies course in London, UK where she expanded her knowledge of voice, movement, and technical aspects of theatre.

Tara’s current work with Cædmon’s Dream features music and poetry in medieval Latin, Old Norse, and ancient Mesopotamian languages.  In 2021, Cædmon’s Dream released single, “Völuspá” (“Prophecy of the Seeress”); this musical rendition of a 10th century Scandinavian poem tells the story of the creation of the world, its end, and rebirth through the voice of a seeress to Norse god Odin. In 2022, the duo released originals “Before Love” and “Midnight Mass”, as well as 12th century Latin composition, “O Ecclesia” by Saint Hildegard von Bingen. Cædmon’s Dream is currently working toward releasing a vinyl record and cd. 

Tara resides on the rocky seashores of Vancouver Island, and works as a musician, writer, researcher, and educator.