Tara Stadnyk is a musician, writer, and performing artist resurrecting songs in dead languages. With a sound that blends antiquity with sensuality, Tara bewitches audiences, delivering a live experience seldom heard in modern music.


Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours in English (2017) and a Master of Arts in English (2018) from the University of Saskatchewan. She specializes in women’s erotic art and literature, feminism, and sexuality.

Grown in the Saskatchewan prairies, Tara has worked professionally as a musician and performing artist since 2007. She has performed at Canada Tourism events (Canada Nature Escapes & Waksesiu Wilderness Region), schools and universities (Dalhousie University, NS, Carlton Comprehensive High School, SK), yoga/wellness events (SK, BC, and NS) and music festivals (SK, AB, BC).

From 2009-2012 Tara served as bandleader and composer for the five-piece collective, Jiva Tree. They released two albums together, “Self-Titled” (2010) and “Kite” (2012), and were funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

In 2011 and 2012 Tara acted in both the Saskatoon and Regina Fringe Festivals in the New York music revue “Joe’s Café,” written by Rupert Wates. In 2013 she completed a two-week intensive Theatre Studies course in London where she expanded her knowledge of voice, movement, and technical aspects of theatre. Two years later, she acted in the Saskatoon Fringe Festival (2015) with a lead role in Michael Murphy’s play “The Generals Take Our Defence Minister Shopping.”

Tara currently resides on Vancouver Island where she creates, performs, and teaches.